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Your Tempe and Scottsdale BMW at the Gas Pump

Babbitt Motor Werks an Independent BMW Mechanic has some tips for maintaining your car. There is more to optimizing your experience than just maintaining your car and driving carefully. Here are some top suggestions from BMW experts in Arizona.

You may think all gas is the same, but in reality you should only buy gas from a reputable service station. Some stations do not filter their gas at the pump, or don’t change pump filters regularly. Ask at your favorite station about these practices. If they can’t tell you or don’t know, go elsewhere for gas, or you could end up with dirty gas in your tank.

If you see the gasoline tanker filling up the tanks at your station, don’t get gas. Wait a day or go somewhere else. Filling the underground tanks creates turbulence that can stir up sediment. Clogged fuel filters and fuel injectors can be the result, with poor performance and possible repairs as the outcome.

Here is another problem area that people don’t think about much. If you have your car key on a key chain with ten or more keys, the weight can damage your ignition switch as the keys hang off your car key and bounce around while driving. What happens is the tumblers inside the ignition switch wear out and eventually your switch will fail. A better idea is to buy a lightweight key chain and keep your car key separated from your other keys. If you notice your key sticks when you start your car, it could be a warning sign that the switch is about to fail. The best idea is to get it replaced before it quits working.

Another topic people don’t think much about is car insurance. Sure, you can get the cheapest insurance out there and you might feel good about saving money, but what will happen if you have a serious accident and really need your insurance to come through for you? Many of the low cost insurance companies will fight you for every penny. Choose a reputable insurance company that will pay for certified BMW parts and will guarantee repairs.

Keeping a car log is another tip that your service technician will appreciate. Record how much gas you buy and your mileage. That way you will notice if your mileage decreases and you can bring it up with your service technician.



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