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Phoenix BMW Maintenance Tips

Summer is here, and you are probably thinking of a summer road trip in your Phoenix BMW. Some of the great road trips you can take in Arizona include Sedona, Flagstaff and sites farther afield such as Rocky Point and San Diego. Here at Babbitt Motor Werks in Mesa and Tempe Arizona, we are thinking the same thing! Before you set off, however, getting your BMW serviced is a great idea. That way you can avoid breakdowns in advance, and get your service done before everyone else does!

While making plans for a vacation, you may think of a destination and making reservations. However, your BMW service technician will recommend getting your car ready for vacation as well. This may be the most important aspect of your trip. If you follow the maintenance schedule laid out by the manufacturer, you can avoid your dream vacation turning into a nightmare.

Mechanics say you should take your car in and get a thorough inspection at least a week before you leave on your trip. That way, if they discover a problem, you will have enough time to get it fixed.

Things to get checked by a certified BMW technician include:

Fluid levels of all systems, including oil, transmission, radiator coolant, power steering, brake fluid and windshield washer fluid.

Tire pressure and tire tread. Don’t forget to have the spare tire checked as well.


Belts and hoses

Windshield wipers


Air conditioning system

Even if everything looks fine, you could have car trouble. Experts recommend carrying an emergency road kit in your car in case of unexpected problems. This kit should include:


Road flares

Jumper cables

Extra fluids (oil, coolant, transmission)

First Aid kit

Vehicle jack recommended for your vehicle


Rags/paper towels

Water (important in Arizona)


Tools (pliers, wire cutters, knife, saw, bottle opener, screwdriver, file, awl)

Experts also recommend you pack as lightly as possible to avoid extra weight. This helps save your tires, and saves gas as well. Avoid packing luggage up to a point where it blocks your rearview mirrors.

Also, drive the speed limit posted on highways you will be traveling. Gas mileage declines after your car hits its optimum speed, usually around 55 miles per hour for most vehicles. Also, in Arizona you may be driving in extreme heat conditions, and excessive speeds could cause a tire or coolant hose failure. Being stranded alongside the highway in 110 degree heat is no one’s idea of a vacation!

Lastly, buckle up and have fun!

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