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BMW Phoenix

It is easy to extend the life of your vehicle and save money with a few simple tips on car care. At Babbitt Motor Werks a BMW repair Phoenix shop has compiled these car care recommendations to help you get the most out of your Phoenix BMW!

Now that you have broken in your new BMW successfully, you should drive carefully every day to avoid expensive repairs and keep your car in top shape. Here are some more great tips:

Racing the engine during starting can add wear to your engine, especially during cold weather.

Start your drive at slower speeds. Most of the wear to the engine and drive train takes place in the first ten to twenty minutes after starting.

Do not let your engine warm up by idling it in the driveway. This practice can lead to incomplete combustion, deposits on the cylinder walls and oil contamination. Your engine components will ultimately be damaged.

Shifting to neutral at red lights saves your engine and automatic transmission.

Driving at high speeds and quick acceleration, especially in the extreme temperatures we have in Arizona, will decrease your car’s life.

Your tire’s lifespan will be greatly lengthened by observing speed limits and avoiding quick starts, hard braking and fast turns. You can also increase your tire’s life by avoiding potholes and by not hitting the curb with your tires when parking.

Don’t hold your steering wheel in an extreme left or right position for more than a few seconds. Your power steering pump can be damaged if you do so.



BMW Phoenix

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