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BMW AZ Gas Saving Tips

In today’s economy with high gas prices eating away at budgets, saving gas is on everyone’s mind. Your service technicians at BMW service providers across Arizona have some recommendations for getting the best gas mileage you possibly can.

The number one reason for decreased gas mileage, say mechanics at BMW Tempe and BMW Mesa Arizona, is bad driving habits. Aggressive driving on the highway can cost you by 33 percent worse gas mileage, and in town by 5 percent lowered fuel efficiency. Having a lead foot will always give you worse gas mileage, experts say.

In town, accelerating slowly away from a stop sign or at a green light will improve mileage dramatically. Braking abruptly is also bad for your car’s fuel efficiency. Adjusting your speed to hit green lights and coasting to a stop are both good ways to improve gas mileage.

Use cruise control when possible on the highway. Keeping a constant speed usually improves efficiency. Staying at the speed limit is the best way to get good mileage. Excessive speed drops your gas mileage dramatically. For example, driving at 70 instead of 55 will lower efficiency by 17 percent. Driving the speed limit is always safer and cheaper as well.

Avoid rush hour if possible. Stop-and-go driving is bad for your car’s gas mileage, as well as being stressful. Try to find work hours that let you commute at periods of less congestion.

Another way to save gas is to combine trips to stores and other errands. By taking the shortest route to your destinations and combining errands you can save almost half the gas you would have spent on several shorter trips.

Most car experts recommend going easy on the air conditioning; however, in the deserts of Arizona with our extreme summers, that isn’t always an option. Modern cars at highway speeds are actually more fuel efficient with the air on and the windows up, because lowered windows cause drag at higher speeds.

One of the worst things you can do for fuel economy is idling your car. If you are waiting for any length of time, shut off your engine. Modern vehicles do not need to be warmed up in the winter, either, so avoid doing it.

Finally, you should avoid the temptation to rest your left foot on the brake while driving. Besides being dangerous, it can cause a drag that will burn more gas, and wear out your brakes quicker.

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