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Arizona BMW guide to Summer Car Care

Independent BMW Repair

Well AZ BMW owners, the Arizona Summer heat is upon us! Have you taken the steps to minimize the chances of a breakdown in the heat? A leading Auto Club reports that during the period from Memorial Day through Labor Day, over 100,000 emergency roadside calls will typically be received! About 1/3 of the calls are battery-related, while tire problems represent about 15 per cent. Over half the calls could have been prevented with performance of some routine checks and maintenance!

The following components of your vehicle should be checked now, to help avoid a breakdown later:

TIRES: Increasing temperature causes increased tire pressure. In fact, every 10 degree increase in temperature results in tire pressure going up by 1 pound. So when the ambient temperature increases from 75 degrees to 115 degrees, your tire pressure can go up about 4 pounds/square inch! Always keep tire pressure to the manufacturers specs, along with frequent checks for tread wear, blistered sidewalls, etc.

BATTERY: Batteries do not like high heat! Now is a great time to check your battery for terminal corrosion, loose cables, and electrolyte leaks. Any reliable repair shop should be able to test your battery for condition.

WIPER BLADES, BELTS AND HOSES: Rubber components do not fare well in excessive heat conditions! Now is a good time to inspect belts and hoses for for damage, including cracked belts, bulging or leaking hoses, and dryness. Wiper blades should also be checked for cracks and missing edges. Also look for corrosion where hoses attach to metal, like your radiator.

AIR CONDITIONER: Now is a great time to have your AC system checked by a reputable repair facility. This will help ensure it is operating at top efficiency and keep you cool in the heat!

COOLING SYSTEM: Your cooling system is what prevents engine overheating, particularly in very hot temperatures. Now is a great time to have your system checked by a trusted repair shop, especially to see if it’s time for a system flush and anti-freeze refill, in compliance with your owners manual.

Attention to the areas above will go a long way towards a trouble free Summer of driving in our Arizona heat!

If you are unsure about what to do you can always bring your car by one of our convenient locations in Scottsdale and Tempe. We are an independent BMW repair shop that only uses the highest quality parts. All of our technicians have graduated from the Universal Technical Institute. Your AZ BMW is in good hands.


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