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The professionals here at BMW Mesa Babbitt Motor Werks want your BMW to continue to look new no matter what its age. With that in mind, here are some steps you can take to understand the detailing process and keep your BMW looking its best.

Polishing is an important step. It is not the same as waxing. Polishing brings back the color of the vehicle and gives it a high gloss. Not all products that say “polish” are true polishes, however. Some are waxes and some may be abrasive and damage your car’s paint.

Next you want to protect the paint. Protective substances include waxes, silicone, resins or polymers that you can apply to the finish. These substances are important to repel contaminants and keep oxidation from occurring.

Ongoing detailing is a smart idea to keep your protected finish looking like new. You can remove bugs, bird droppings and other contaminants on a daily basis before they can bond to the finish.

Car professionals also recommend these other car washing tips. Never use dish washing detergent on your car. These detergents are too harsh and can strip off your finish protection. Always wash your car in the shade to avoid spotting. Rinse the car before washing to remove surface dust and grime and soften deposits. Wash one section, then rinse it thoroughly before moving on. The best tool for washing is a sheepskin mitt that can be purchased at many auto parts stores. Be aware that in Arizona we have very hard water, which can leave spots if not dried carefully. Using 100 percent cotton terrycloth towels are the best option for drying your car.


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