Very honest and full of information place. I picked up a 745Li & before buying had it inspected at Babbits, Eric made it very easy for me to get it in without prior notice & they inspected everything. Then after i ended up buying the car they ended up applying my inspection fee to an oil change so i got an oil change Free from them, its a service they offer, GREAT!

5 North Scottsdale 1/16/2012

great service. we were quoted 2200 for a water pump and all the extras that chapman told us we needed. This was the second time they told us to trade in the car and get a new because it was not worth fixing. Babbitt replaced the parts needed and got us on our way within a day. saved us 1500 dollars. Also they took the time to check the entire car over and found a few minor issues that the dealer did not see that were pretty obvious. Thanks to all the guys there, it is a shame that we just found this place now.

5 North Scottsdale 12/25/2011

I have taken my 2001 BMW 330CI three times so far and each time the service has been great. I have taken my car in to get the following done... Power Steering Pump, Engine Mounts, Driver Side Lock Regulator. Engine Valves. Front Struts, Front Bushings, Engine Oil Leak, & Tire Alignment. All of these items were quoted at a fraction of what a BMW dealer would charge. Eric is super friendly and very knowledgable. I highly recomend you take your BMW or MINI here and do not take it to a dealer. You will save $100s if not $1000s of dollars by doing so.

5 North Scottsdale 11/19/2011

I have a 2006 BMW 325i which has recently gone out of warranty. It's a great car, but I was concerned about having to pay for service given my past experience with out of warranty items at the dealer. I was also apprehensive about getting a bad service experience after getting spoiled with the fine work at the dealer's service center. And then I found Babbitt Motor Werks. I've been to the Mesa shop three times over the last year. Every experience I've had with them has been stellar. Eric, who I've worked with each time, is always accommodating, up front, and spot on with his estimates. The first time I went there, I got a quote for the same work from a BMW dealer in town and it was more than twice what Babbitt quoted. They can usually get the work done in the same day. I highly recommend it.

5 North Scottsdale 7/18/2011

Ez to deal with, cost effective, and very knowledgable about bmw's. This will be my primary place for service on my bmw. Thanks Babbitt's.

5 Tempe 7/15/2011

Very simply, these guys are fantastic, if you need your BMW serviced. I had a very specific, very awkward problem. (The MOST connection had been pulled out, deactivating my stereo and SOS system.)They had me in as a drop-in, and had the problem fixed in 30 minutes. Billed me $45 for the half hour. Done and done.Insanely friendly, helpful, explained everything, and couldn't ask for more. Having gotten screwed by Chapman BMW so much recently, I'm making these guys my go-tos for maintenance and service.You just instantly feel you can trust them, and that what they say is what's the case.

5 Tempe 7/13/2011

I had recently purchased a 2000 BMW 528i. After buying the car I noticed a gas smell. I immediately brought the car into a BMW dealer for analysis. Not only did I have a gas leak, but the analysis came back with over $4000 in repairs. I was in shock. I had heard from several folks about Babbitt Motor Werks in Tempe. One of the friends had told me he drove all the way from the West side in Phoenix because no other BMW shop was expert on BMW's like Babbitt Motor Werks. Another friend told me they did stellar work and were realistic in their pricing.I took the car into Babbitt, I spoke with Nathan the owner and Dane. The service was far beyond what I had expected. The work was indeed stellar as I was told. These guys know their business. I had such a sense of relief after speaking with them. They assured me that the things I needed done on my car were normal repairs based on the mileage. After getting the car back you could tell right away that there were major improvements done. Dane had detailed out all of the work that was completed and went over it with us line by line. To say we were really happy with the work is an understatement.Excellent work, fair/reasonable pricing and good quality customer service...that's all you can ask for from any company you do business with. Five stars for Babbitt Motor Werks!

5 Tempe 6/8/2011

So far I've been to Babbit's in Tempe twice. Both times have been great experiences. The first time I came to Babbitt's I was having issues with a strange clicking noise when steering my M Coupe at slow speeds. I thought of a hundred possible expensive issues. I called babbitts they told me their Techs could possibly pinpoint the problem by hearing the noise it was making as long as i could replicate it for them. I had called two other shops in my area of uptown Phoenix and none offered to do so. Not too mention the previous owner had recommended them to me as well. I came to babbitts, they took a quick look at my car told me it was possibly a bearing, they inspected it and it turned out to be an issue with my TC Kline suspension needing to be lubed up. They took care of the cracking sound in less than an hour and only charged me for half of an hour of labor. Too add to it they also washed the car for me. Great honest guys. Today i took my car for an ac charge and for the second time my total cost has been a lot less than the already fairly priced estimate, this is the only shop I have had that experience with. Today was extra amazing as they also gave me not one but two free Babbitt Motor Werks T shirts that I absolutely love. Best BMW independent repair shop in Arizona. Thanks guys for all the help. I absolutely recommend Babbitt's to everyone. Owning my third BMW out of warranty I have not had a better experience with any dealership or other BMW repair shop.

5 Tempe 3/15/2011

I went in to get the oil level topped up on my X5 and received great, friendly service by Nick (the owner). Definitely recommended for your BMW service needs.

5 Tempe 12/12/2009

BMW maintenance costs after warranty has played out.. bites..and it bites big! I was hit by road debris on the ever debri'd I-10... my insurance sent me to BMW and then to another auto shop for the work.. Babbitt saved me hundreds. Nate is awesome.. no other words.. he knows how to get parts within hours.. hes informative & on his game.. NOW to rid myself of a car that is starting to continuously have issues.. hmmmmm Love the Babbitt:-)

5 North Scottsdale 9/27/2009
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